Saturday, December 19, 2009

$7 Article Writing Guide -- For Your Writing Edge

From Martin Avis' site:

Here are some of the key things that 'You CAN Write Articles' will teach you:

  • 12 different types of article and which three are the best for beginners to start with.
  • A foolproof template that makes writing How-to articles a snap.
  • A multipurpose template that takes all the guessing out of planning any article.
  • The 5 vital elements that can make or break your articles - and how to get them right every time.
  • 9 pointers for writing killer headlines that will suck your readers in.
  • 5 powerful ways to end your articles for maximum effect.
  • The 5 myths about article writing that you must ignore.
  • 6 rules for writing articles that people will love to read.

'You CAN Write Articles' could easily sell for big bucks. The information it contains is really that powerful. Prices of $47 or $67 have been suggested by several pre-launch readers.

But it won't cost you anything like that.

'You CAN Write Articles' is just $7. What are you waiting for?? Here is the link to your successful writing career and to give you that edge among others...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make Money By Selling Digital Photos (aside from Web Writing)

This is just a quick post on a way to make money by selling digital photos. You are most probably earning money thru your web writing career, but this is another way to make money on the Internet.

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All is well.