Friday, March 4, 2011

Writing A Sales Letter for Your Info Product?

...if you have been writing copy for some time now, or still new to copywriting, then you already know how difficult it is at times to get all the critical elements of a sales letter into your copy.

You surely don't want just a mediocre copy -- you want your sales letter to rock! It must give you the results you want... more moolah! =)

THE SOLUTION: the secret weapon -- Copy Cheats

With this, you won't go wrong when writing your copy. Copywriting experts use this, don't you think you should too?

Here it is: Copy Cheats

Friday, January 28, 2011

Here's My Info-product About Life's Passion

This is the 2nd ebook I wrote...

You can see it here:

I have given my first ebook as a bonus in the above link... hope you like it.

It's a short read, but I hope you'll get valuable lessons.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living My Life:

I'm currently back posting on a site I started around March this year (2010):

I'm planning to do most of my updates there. And every once in a while, if there are things that inspire me, I will be posting them there.

I'm currently busy right now with writing projects, while I'm studying copywriting under John Carlton's Simple Writing System Coaching Program.

Copywriting is quite a challenge to learn since not only will you have to learn how to structure a sales letter--but more than t hat, you are required to study the mind of your prospects. Yep, the psychology of why people buy is interesting to learn.

The coaching program will end by last week of November. By then, I'll be looking for copywriting clients. =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Online Copywriting Article

I'm a fan of NLP Copywriting, and Dr. Harlan Kilstein is the originator of this type of copywriting. Just imagine the power of his copy if he uses NLP techniques with it. There is no other online copywriter out there who is a real expert in NLP Copywriting.

There is an online copywriting article by Dr. Kilstein at copywriting category. Read it and learn why he is one of the top copywriters in this time and age.

Don't miss out to read what he has to say. You'll learn lots...

Click on the link that follows: Online Copywriting by Dr. Harlan Kilstein.

All is well...

Friday, June 25, 2010

3 Power Writing Courses to Give You The Edge

The first writing course: Maximum Strength Copywriting by Paul Wolfe.
This teaches you about clarity in your writing. You will be direct to the point. Unnecessary words will not be used to get your point across.

The second writing course: Writing Fast by Jeff Bollow.
This teaches you how to write fast. If you want to improve the speed of your writing, this is one way to learn how.

The third writing course: Writing Rituals by Nick Usborne.
This teaches you how to get into your zone: so that your writing flows when you need it to.

All these are offered at:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pinoy Write and Earn Money

If you want a copy of this short e-report, just email me at and you will receive a pdf file by email; you will also be automatically included in my list for more updates in the future... I will also be giving you tips from time to time on how to make money with your web writing...

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The Ultimate Quick e-Guide For Pinoys Aspiring to become Successful Web Writers -pg 1
3 Critical Questions to Answer before You Begin -pg 3
Question No.1: What is your passion? -pg 3
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Question No. 3: Are you self-motivated? -pg 3
Your 1st Step towards an Exciting Web Writing Career -pg 4
The First Step: Assess the quality of your writing. -pg 4
5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing -pg 4
Find Out if You are Ready in 3 Simple Steps -pg 5
3 Ways to Easily Establish Your Writing Portfolio -pg 5
How to Quickly Find Your First Writing Gig -pg 6
3 Guerilla Tactics to Creatively Get Clients -pg 6
Top 3 Ways to Continually Improve Your Writing -pg 6
Expanding on Your Writing Skill -pg 7
Web Writing Demystified -pg 7

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

$7 Article Writing Guide -- For Your Writing Edge

From Martin Avis' site:

Here are some of the key things that 'You CAN Write Articles' will teach you:

  • 12 different types of article and which three are the best for beginners to start with.
  • A foolproof template that makes writing How-to articles a snap.
  • A multipurpose template that takes all the guessing out of planning any article.
  • The 5 vital elements that can make or break your articles - and how to get them right every time.
  • 9 pointers for writing killer headlines that will suck your readers in.
  • 5 powerful ways to end your articles for maximum effect.
  • The 5 myths about article writing that you must ignore.
  • 6 rules for writing articles that people will love to read.

'You CAN Write Articles' could easily sell for big bucks. The information it contains is really that powerful. Prices of $47 or $67 have been suggested by several pre-launch readers.

But it won't cost you anything like that.

'You CAN Write Articles' is just $7. What are you waiting for?? Here is the link to your successful writing career and to give you that edge among others...