Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pinoy Write and Earn Money

If you want a copy of this short e-report, just email me at buenclicks@gmail.com and you will receive a pdf file by email; you will also be automatically included in my list for more updates in the future... I will also be giving you tips from time to time on how to make money with your web writing...

What are you waiting for, grab hold of this free offer... and you will have the blueprint that can quickly start you with a web writing career...

The Ultimate Quick e-Guide For Pinoys Aspiring to become Successful Web Writers -pg 1
3 Critical Questions to Answer before You Begin -pg 3
Question No.1: What is your passion? -pg 3
Question No. 2: Do you have the burning desire to write? -pg 3
Question No. 3: Are you self-motivated? -pg 3
Your 1st Step towards an Exciting Web Writing Career -pg 4
The First Step: Assess the quality of your writing. -pg 4
5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing -pg 4
Find Out if You are Ready in 3 Simple Steps -pg 5
3 Ways to Easily Establish Your Writing Portfolio -pg 5
How to Quickly Find Your First Writing Gig -pg 6
3 Guerilla Tactics to Creatively Get Clients -pg 6
Top 3 Ways to Continually Improve Your Writing -pg 6
Expanding on Your Writing Skill -pg 7
Web Writing Demystified -pg 7

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  1. Where's my copy? LOL Let me help you share your gift and bring back more traffics to you. ;)