Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inspiring Writer -- Nancy Peacock

Read the Book: "A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning & Life" by Nancy Peacock.

The story of the writer is inspiring for me. As per the book, she has worked as a housecleaner, bartender, carpenter, locksmith, baker, waitress, newspaper deliverer and many more. But beyond all these, she is a very good writer.

I was surprised that there is such a writer who holds other jobs, especially of the kind mentioned above. And the writer too states in the book, that many (during book signings) are surprised as well on the other jobs that she do. But hey, if you are a good writer-- YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER -- no matter what.

It is interesting to read, how she goes about her day, cleaning other people's houses; and how she uses this time to think of different things or angles to write.

With her story, she tells it as it is, and not try to present her life and finances to be very good, when in reality, she struggles as well--like most of us. I also learned that writing is not at all easy. In this book, she even advises not to quit your job, just so you can pursue a writing career. She says it is hard, and you will be pressured to make money out of your writing.

Read this book, be inspired, and don't quit that job yet if you are not sure if it can be a stable income. In the story here, she said she has published two books, yet she still winds up cleaning houses. Reflect on her experiences...

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