Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nick Daws' Quick Cash Writing Review--Make Money with Your Writing Now

I was able to purchase Nick Daw's English for Authors, then I also stumbled upon this other product of his--more focused on making money from writing.

Read directly from his site by clicking here. You will be amazed by the promise of a well-paid writing career if you follow his advices. What are you waiting for, check his site out!

You'll be awe-inspired in modules SEVEN to NINE, as Nick shows you:

+The THREE KEY REQUIREMENTS for writing a saleable article ? fail to meet any of these and your article will go straight in the editor?s ?round file? (7/1)

+How to write a query letter and outline ? and why you should always do this BEFORE EVEN WRITING your article (7/3)

+HOW TO INTERVIEW SOMEONE for an article ? and THREE different ways you can report on what your subject said. HINT: Combining these three methods is the key to producing a saleable, interview-based article (7/4)

+How to offset your holiday costs, and even GET FREE TRIPS ABROAD, writing freelance travel articles (7/6)

+One key thing you MUST include to give your travel article the very best chance of publication (7/7)

+A travel-book publisher looking for freelance travel writers... RIGHT NOW! (7/7)

+How to make a GREAT SIDELINE INCOME writing reviews of anything and everything!! (7/11)

+A LITTLE-KNOWN but HIGH-PAYING MARKET which offers article writers the opportunity to cash in on their expertise ? month in, month out! (7/13)

+SEVEN GREAT TECHNIQUES for generating ideas for articles (7/15)

+How to write SHORT STORIES for CASH ? and the ONE type of story in great demand right now (8/1)

+The FIVE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS of a saleable short story (8/2)

+SEVEN SECRETS of writing short story dialog ? and making it sound life-like! (8/5)

+How to make UP TO $10,000 (or more) entering and winning short story contests (8/12)

+The KEY DIFFERENCE between a successful magazine short story and a contest story ? unless you understand this, you may as well throw away your entry fee! (8/13)

+TWELVE GREAT METHODS for coming up with short story ideas. Never be left scratching your head wondering what to write about again! (8/14)

+How you can turn your sense of humor into a STEADY STREAM of PAYCHECKS! (9/1)

+SEVEN TYPES of JOKE ? and how to write them (9/1)

+How to SELL JOKES to comedians (9/4)

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