Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Book: Opportunities in Writing Careers by E. Foote-Smith

Opportunities in Writing Careers
by Elizabeth Foote-Smith

Some info about the author (taken from the book):

She wore her first piece of fiction at the age of ten. She was a composer, musician, piano instructor, and a jazz pianist.

She holds a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University and a master's degree from the University of Chicago in English Language and Literature.

She had a stint (5 yrs) as a teacher for English in suburaban Illinois high schools, and literature & writing courses at the University of Wisconsin.


Though the reviews at are not quite positive, in my opinion, the book can hold its own. For my case, it is informative -- and has served its purpose.

It gives the reader what is expected in the freelance writing career, and what different types of writing work are available out there. She shares some tips for these different categories, elaborates on important points and recommends suggested readings.

I also like the book, since each chapter starts with some beautiful quotations from great writers/personalities. Some examples: "Don't ask a poet to explain himself. He cannot." by Plato; "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." by Richard Bach...

I recommend this book though -- as I always believe that each book has something of value it can offer. Let us learn from the perspectives of those who really are in the business of freelance writing -- and I consider Elizabeth Foote-Smith to be one.

The book,Opportunities in Writing Careers-- I recommend as a nice little book to have for your guide, in your freelance writing career.

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