Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book: A Writer's Guide to Nonfiction

This is a book by Elizabeth Lyon (also the author of Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write).

I owned this book, a long time ago, but I only had the chance to really look at it now. I compared the various books (about writing) I have now, since I also bought new ones recently.

This book teaches how to make the Title of your article, the different ways to make your Lead, how to write the Middle part of your piece, and finally, how to End it well. Very Useful!

Also, the author encourages writers to think of the Purpose of your writing first, before you proceed. Then there is the formula: Subject of Writing + Purpose + Promise = Making a Difference. I really like this formula, and I pattern my writing from this.

Buy this book by Elizabeth Lyon, I highly recommend this.

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