Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Joy of Freelance Writing -- Putting Your Strengths to Work

It is always a joy for me to write. And with some freelance writing work, when my schedule allows, my days [and nights =) ] are more enjoyable .

There is some degree of satisfaction I get when I write. Like reading, I love to write. I think it was in my elementary years that I discovered that I know a little about writing. It was also around grade 6, when I got 2nd place for an essay writing contest, "Quo Vadis Filipinas" -- meaning "Where are you going Philippines?"

I don't know--but even during those early times, I liked writing essays and even poems. When I grew up, my writing helped me a lot. My experience in writing (and love of it still), was an advantage when I made a report or a thesis. Writing a poem had its uses also: especially when you try to win over a girl's heart, hehe =)

Overall, I feel that writing is one of my strengths--among others, I hope. =)

Being one of my strengths: thus, the reason for some part-time freelance writing gigs.

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